About Mak & Sons

G. A. Mak Motors have been serving Rotherham and the surrounding area for over four decades.

Trust, Reliability and Value are the three tenets that we do our business by here and it’s worked very well for us so far. 

Family is very important to us here at G. A. Mak Motors, a community-focused business that has been running successfully for the last 40 years with Gary Mak, the family’s patriarch, still holding the keys to the workshop.

Gary learned his trade at the age of 25, after struggling to find work in the field of academia. He had studied Engineering whilst at University, however the 1970s were not a good decade to be looking for work and Gary soon found that his degree meant very little when he couldn’t find a job that recognised it. Luckily, the advanced knowledge that he had picked up during university served hum very well when it came to learning his trade and he soon found that he was top of his class.

“I always thought that I’d live out my days on a stuffy university campus – marking coursework, running seminars and planning lectures – things didn’t turn out quite that way in the end. Instead of explaining how the opposing forces of physics helped Brunel build some of Britain’s greatest constructions, I found myself rolling around on the floor underneath Ford Cortinas and Austin Allegros, covering myself in oil.”

After getting a couple of years’ experience under his belt in Sheffield, Gary returned to his hometown of Rotherham, took out a loan and opened the doors of his workshop in 1976. The same workshop still stands today, although the kinds of car that the mechanics are called on to fix have changed quite a bit.

“Gone are the days of easy-to-fix motors, where you could use a simple manual to figure out the layout of a car’s engine. Today, things are a little different: electronics have become an integral part of what we do here, this includes installing advanced speaker systems in older models as well as various other kinds of ‘pimping’, which I’m glad my sons have a handle on!”

Gary’s first son, Gray, joined the company in 1996 at the age of 18. He’d watched his father messing around with cars since he was a child and knew that the family business was where he belonged. He was joined a few years later by his younger brother, Gareth, who had opted to study business management instead of going into the trade himself. Together this team of father and sons ran G. A. Mak Motors up until Gary’s retirement 2007.

“Having grown the company from the ground up, I was more than happy to take a step back and let my capable sons take it from there. I still like to drop in from time to time, but I try not to show my face too often – I’ve got a lot of fishing to get done after all!”

Although the Mak’s have been offered the chance to expand, with outside investment always an option, their family ties have kept their feet on the ground, allowing them to invest in the workers of their company and the outside community.

The Mak’s have kept an active role in the community for decades now, providing sponsorship for local amateur football teams and even offering free practical car education to the public.

A traditional business that has transitioned to the 21st Century: G. A. Mak hope to be fixing cars for decades to come.