New Arrivals: Cases, Boxes and Crates

Our workshop is starting to get a little crowded…

One side of our business that we’ve been trying to focus on this year is modifications.

There’s a great amateur racing scene up here in the North, a scene which Gray and I have been an active part of in the past. As young, greasy sprogs we were always getting up to mischief, pelting around make-shift tracks just outside of the town centre. Of course, that was the 80s: when you could pick up a second-hand banger for a few quid and have it back up and running in a week, with a little help from the local scrap yards.

We’re not so much in the business of equipping underage drivers with beaten up death-traps today, but we¬†do love helping drivers realise their dream of tricking out their rides.

As part of our commitment to educating drivers about their cars, we’ve introduced a new service that has already proven to be a hit with amateur racers and gear-heads alike.

What’s better than getting a new modification fitted in your car? Unpacking, fitting and testing it yourself of course!

Since we started our new Mod’n’Fit service our workshop has been packed with pallet-loads of boxes, wooden packing cases and crates – all full of modifications big and small. We’ve got new brake discs, bumpers, turbo-injection systems and speaker systems: you name it! Although it would be quicker to have our teams fit these parts themselves, we know that part of the joy of owning and modifying a vehicle is getting your hands dirty and making the change yourself.

For car lovers like us, it’s a bit like wading through a treasure hoard every morning. Every day we’re surrounded by shiny new bits of kit all packed away in their cases, waiting for their new owners to pull them out and fit them. It’s got to the point where we’ve had to designate one of our maintenance bays to storing these parts, as we’re now getting a little overwhelmed with a seemingly endless stream of wooden crates, all of which end up causing a stir within the workshop, inevitably leading to a lull in work as our guys eagerly pry open the new arrivals to see what new toy lies within.

It’s certainly an exciting time of year for us and our apprentices.

Alex, Kate and Mark have all been getting along swimmingly, their skills have been improving nicely and they’re now all getting stuck in to some serious work in the garage. Each of our apprentices are given tutors from within the company who they initially shadow whilst they pick up the basics, but now they’ve all progressed to the point where they can happily take on new jobs within the garage.

As is usual for kids starting their new careers, they’ve all taken to certain aspects of the job. Alex loves to approach modifications from an aesthetic angle, whilst Kate has become obsessed with engine torque and body lightening. Mark, meanwhile, has thrown himself wholeheartedly into transmission systems, far and away the most complicated of things to study, but it’s great to see him challenge himself.

Now let’s hope these kids can help us clear away all these damn boxes!