Doing Our Bit for the Community

Here at G. A. Mak Motors we pride ourselves on being more than just mechanics.

Our founding Father taught my brother and I that owning a mechanics workshop is more than just running a business.

“When you open up shop, throw your doors open to the public, cut the red ribbon – you know what I mean: you’re not just starting a business. It’s more than that. When you hire men from the local area, you’re telling them that they can rely on you to pay their bills, feed their kids, all that stuff. When a customer walks into your shop, he (or she) is putting their vehicle – that’s thousands of pounds of their money, not to mention their time – in your hands.

Now in an ideal world, you’d take the car in and make sure that their car – their property, remember – is back in ship-shape as soon as possible. They’re relying on you, so that they can get on with their life and every extra day that you take to sort it out, is another day that they’re falling behind on their own responsibilities.

Every single customer who walks through our doors needs to leave as a friend. When they hand over their hard-earned cash, they need to feel like they’ve got their money’s worth. They should drive away from the garage with a smile on their face, pleased with their interaction with our company and eager to tell their friends about the help that we gave them.”

Gray and I have spent our working lives trying to uphold the values that our Father taught us as kids and we hope that this is reflected in the service that we provide our area. Our Dad’s name is still on the sign above the door, it’s still on the shirts of amateur football teams that need our sponsorship and it’s important to us that it stands for more than just another mechanics.

Our local community, like any other in Britain, is one full of different people with different needs. The skills that we have as mechanics don’t just have to be used in our business. That’s why, if an elderly customer is struggling with a specific appliance, or they can’t find a spare part that they might need, we can use our contacts in the spares and scrap industries to find a Belling oven door or a replacement Hotpoint washer drawer for them. In an ideal situation, we can find the part for them and even help fit it – whatever we can do, within reason, to make their lives easier.

All of this stems from what our Father taught us about owning and running a business. There’s no catch, no extra charge, no fleecing. Going the extra mile for the people in our community is our way of showing thanks for the fact that we’re still around.

It’s a way of beingĀ more than just the guys who fix your car, it’s something we’ve done for a long time and it’s not about to stop anytime soon.