Motoring News Update: November

All the local Motoring news from our area this month…

There’s always something going on in the world of Motorsport in North Yorkshire.

North Yorkshire has one of the most competitive motor sport communities in the UK, as such we always like to keep an eye on what’s going on in the region, it helps us identify what the new trends are in modification and it’s also a great way of staying in touch with up and coming racers who might well become our customers one day.

This month in local motoring news:

There’s good news for the people of Rotherham as construction begins on the new McLaren factory that was announced way back in February. Although the facility won’t be open until 2020, it’s still great news for the area as the purpose-built facility is projected to bring in anywhere between £100-200 million into the local economy, over the course of eight years. In addition to this, McLaren have stated that there will be at least 200 jobs going at first, with the potential for even more work if the factory expands as McLaren have suggested that it could do.

This new addition to the motoring landscape in Rotherham will solidify our area’s reputation as the place to come for motoring fans, it’ll also provide a great opportunity for young people from the area looking to gain apprenticeships in the industry. In fact, the company has already begun training some of it’s apprentices, as well as planning two years of research in collaboration with the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre. We can’t wait to see what can be achieved with combined efforts of North Yorkshire and one of the biggest motoring companies in the world!

In other, more tragic news:

A second crash at a race in Scarborough has once more led to air ambulances and road ambulances being called out to attend to injuries. This is the second time within a relatively short space of time that an accident has caused serious injury to spectators, raising the question as to whether more could be done to protect those taking part in (and watching) Motorsport events.

Part of the reason that we all love attending these amateur races is because of the people that are involved in them. The men and women out there on the bikes are our friends and relatives, their teams are made up of their own family members and they value our support. These kinds of incidents aren’t going to stop Gray and I from supporting these events, but they have at the very least forced us to own up to the fact that the community is not exercising proper precautions – something that we’re hoping will be addressed in the future.


Earlier this month we were treated to a great example of young Motorsport event executed safely. It was very much a family affair as the BTRDA held their final meeting of the season at Croft Circuit, attracting dozens of young amateur drivers eager to test their mettle on the mixed-materials track. The conditions were bright and dry for Matilda Procter, daughter of legendary racer Kevin, who looked happy watching his daughter zip round the track in her Peter Gwynne Motorsport Suzuki Swift.

Procter finished 5th overall, putting in a fine performance for her debut. The junior final was taken by Richmond’s Tom Constantine, also in a Suzuki Swift. Constantine posted consistent times throughout the day whilst his cousin, James Constantine, finished in third. Both juniors are sons of rallying big shots Mark and Andrew Constantine.

Always good to see Motorsport being kept in the family!