Branching Out & Making Connections

Our business and trade network are at the heart of our success.

One of the best things about having been in this business so long is that we’ve been able to build some really valuable connections with both our customers and other similarly long-running enterprises.

The North has always been well known for its industrial roots and although we’ve always kept our hands firmly in the service industry, we’ve always found it beneficial to keep strong ties with a number of well-established business. If we ever need to get repairs made to our machinery or need some advice on how to tackle a job that’s a little beyond our knowledge, we’ve always got someone we can ask for advice.

Beatson Fans & Motors

We’ve had a strong partnership with Beatson Fans & Motors for the last 20 years. Based in Sheffield this long-established firm has been stocking, servicing and repairing electric fans and industrial motors for the last 85 years. We’ve had to turn to them on more than one occasion, usually to fix a piece of our own gear and we’re glad of their excellent support. They stock a wide range of industrial parts, including being one of the few stockists of Gamak electrical motors in the UK.

Parkway Sheet Metal Works

Gray and I are particularly proud of the way that we’ve managed to expand G. A. Mak Motor’s services beyond simple repairs and MOTs. Our diversifying into the custom modifications market was only made possible by the solid work that Parkway Sheet Meal Works have managed to supply us with. For the last decade they’ve been dealing with some really complex, demanding work from us and the results have been uniformly excellent.

C. F. Booth

As with all businesses who deal with industrial-grade materials, we create a fair amount of waste on a weekly basis. It’s largely thanks to CF Booth that we’ve been able to get rid of the thousands of kilograms of scrap metal and broken parts over the last few years. Their clockwork timing and reliability has guaranteed that we’re never overloaded with waste – something that our Floor Manager, Graham, is always happy to see.

Cooper’s Car Spares

Although many modern mechanics prefer to source all of their spares online, we’ve always liked to source our parts locally. Although prices might well be cheaper online, we’ve often found that our customers do not mind paying a little extra for their replacements, especially when they know that they won’t have to wait weeks for them to arrive from the other side of the world! Cooper has long been a reliable supplier and we hope to make use of him for many more years to come.

Top Tread Tires

The lads at Top Tread have been around nearly as long as us! Their MD, Albert Bowler, started the business some 30 years ago and although we might offer similar services, in some respects, they’ve proven to be useful comrades to have, especially when we’ve been on the look out for particularly niche tyres or wheel rims. They’ve helped us out on more than a few occasions, so we’re happy to give them a mention here.

Our business & trade partners are part of the reason why we’ve been able to do so well over the years – we hope to continue to work with them for decades to come.